Well, this is it…

…the start of another blog. Oh yes, I’ve been down this road before but this time I’m not going to make the same mistakes. What are those you ask? 

In past blogging attempts I’ve had the following problems:

  • Being so whiney! Looking back at past blogs I come off as a real whiney snot, just moaning and bitching about everything. This time I’m going to have a category for that crap. That way no one has to read it – not even me.
  • Trying to be “deep”. I’ve got  to face it, if you were to dive into my deepest thought you’d break your neck on the bottom of the pool. I’m just going to write and hope for the best. If something profound comes out of it we can all be surprised together.
  • Writing about the inconsequential. The other end of the spectrum, no body cares that I’ve found a Cheeto that looks like Pat Boone – that’s what I have Twitter for. There is a happy medium – I’ve just got to find it.

So, well see how it goes. What I hope to do is review books, movies, comics and the like, tell a few funny stories, share what amazes me, and perhaps get some feedback.

Well work is calling and I must answer. Till next time…

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