The Olympics…

… are usually not my sort of thing. Not really a big sports enthusiast however the opening┬áceremonies┬álast night were just spectacular! The Chinese real did an amazing job. The technology in evidence was mind blowing – a 500 foot LCD screen! I want one! I’m not sure what I’d do with it but it would be amazing.

I’m actually looking forward to watch some events. See how we do. No chanting “USA! USA!” but I hope we do well.

More than the games themselves I looking forward to gaining some insight into the Chinese people and the country. From what I’ve seen so far they seem very removed from the image I have of them. My mental picture mostly involves them all dressed in the same dull clothing carrying the “little red book”. Seems they’ve really moved away from the stereotype of my childhood in the 1960s when we were told they were ready to swarm over us like soldier ants. I wonder if their mental picture of Americans is as false as the one we have of them?

NBC is doing a good job so far in their coverage. Still its just the beginning. Plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. I read this morning that an American was stabbed to death by a Chinese national who then killed himself. Will we ever know why? I don’t know but I hope it doesn’t put a damper on what was a great opening to the Olympic Games.